Off-Season (2018)  narrative short

Against Medical Advice (post-production) narrative short

Stay You (2015) spec commercial

Mofilm Production Grant Winner

Entourage Themed Intro Spot, My Sweet World Class (2011) TV Spot

produced by Warren Smith for British MTV

Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!!! Vita Coco (2011) commercial

co-directed with Kirsten Tan

2nd place, ProMotion Pictures/Vita Coco Film Contest 2011

Self-Portrait (2011) narrative short

Made for High Emotions MAC (2011) spec commercial

Knock Knock (2011) narrative short

Craft Award in Editing, First Run Film Festival, 2011

Craft Award in Acting, First Run Film Festival, 2011

Craft Award in Producing, First Run Film Festival, 2011

Flickers: Rhode Island international Film Festival, 2011

SF Shorts Film Festival, 2011

Chinatown Project Part 1 (2009) documentary short

co-directed with Kirsten Tan

produced for MOCANYC

Joanna (2009) documentary short

The Doorman (2009) narrative short

Lemon Bars (2009) documentary short

The Bag (2008) narrative short

Mom and Tom (2008) live-action/animation hybrid short

First Works Grant recipient, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 2008

Sunday Brunch (2007) narrative short

In Competition, Three Rivers Film Festival, 2007

American Experience I & II (2007) documentary shorts

American Food Experience (2006) documentary short

A Night Watchman’s Morning (2006) narrative short